Corporate social responsibility

We are passionate about improving social mobility through access to higher education and levelling the playing field for entering our industry. We believe that this serves an important purpose for individuals and society as well as creating fairer, more robust and a more representative investment industry.

Therefore, our charitable giving is focused on enhancing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion through creating opportunities for disadvantaged individuals in the key markets in which we operate. In particular, we focus on:

  • Secondary education and university access
  • Succeeding at university
  • Entry into employment and beyond, thus widening access to our industry

Our focused approach enables us to provide more than just financial capital, allowing us to leverage the expertise of our colleagues to build stronger relationships and make a bigger impact. We believe that this is highly beneficial for all sides, with many of our colleagues mentoring young people and dedicating time to making these valuable contributions which in turn enriches their experience of being part of ICG.

Our employees have the potential to bring a substantial set of experiences to bear on charities.

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Million Meals initiative

ICG's support for charities providing free meals to individuals and families in need due to the cost of living crisis and food insecurity. The #MillionMeals initiative, launched in 2022, provided a total of £500,000 of new funding across six leading charities. Year two of our #MillionMeals initiative provides a total of £550,000 of new funding across eight leading charities:

Million Meals @ Ciechanów Food Bank

Warsaw-based ICG employees visited a food bank in Ciechanów, Poland, for a second time during the winter of 2023/24. As well as loading an aid shipment heading to Ukraine, they took part in a culinary workshop for a local charity. Watch now:

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Charitable giving case studies

Illustrative examples of our support for non-profit organisations.
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