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We are building a diverse pool of future talent

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Early careers

We are building a well-rounded pool of future talent through:

By working with our partners to increase the diverse pool of talent across our industry, we can help bring to the entire sector forward.

Opportunities at ICG

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Graduate programme

Our graduate programme develops the next generation of talent, attracting top candidates into our London‐based, two‐year programmes within our investment, marketing and corporate teams.

We invest heavily in our graduates’ development and success and support them holistically as they grow into accomplished professionals. We offer:

  1. Trust, responsibility and compelling opportunities from the outset
  2. An accelerated career path with tailored training and support
  3. Options to complete professional and technical qualifications
  4. Regular access to industry experts and networks as well as senior leadership
  5. A competitive package, including extensive career and personal benefits
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ICG graduates
Graduates meeting outside our London Club Room

What surprised me about ICG? What attracted me to ICG? My advice to other grads …


Meet five members of our 2022-24 graduate scheme — Himani, Maisie, Kayleigh, Josh and Eve.

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upReach is a social mobility charity founded in 2012, delivering a tailored programme of 1-to-1 career support and opportunities to enable undergraduates from less-advantaged backgrounds to secure top jobs by supporting them to overcome the barriers to entry. This is achieved by working with employers and universities to bring about a social change.

ICG and upReach have formed a relationship both through their collaborative work with the Diversity Project and separately to develop ICG’s summer intern programme.

Six formers taking part in an upReach work experience programme
Sixth formers taking part in an upReach work experience programme

upReach meets ICG’s Mohammed Safayat


ICG Real Estate Graduate Mohammed Safayat is interviewed by the social mobility charity alongside Cameron Scott from Bain & Company and Ovais Karim from Bank of America. As part of Social Mobility Awareness Day 2023, the three answer questions:


  • What does social mobility mean to you?
  • As someone who comes from a less advantaged background, what challenges did you face during university and how did you overcome them?
  • In your experience, how does the university experience differ from students from a lower socioeconomic background compared to those from a more advantaged background?
  • What advice would you give to students from a lower socioeconomic background?
  • How do you think employers and organisations can champion social mobility?

10,000 Black Interns

Our #10000BLACKINTERNS initiative partnership seeks to provide meaningful opportunities to black students across the UK, helping them kick start their careers in investment management and address under-representation in our industry.

We offer internships to black students seeking to learn about our industry first-hand, benefiting from the opportunity to develop their financial skills, soft skills and build a network of professionals and peers.

A key goal of this programme, previously known as #100BLACKINTERNS, is to develop a more diverse group of up-and-coming talent and contribute more widely to creating opportunities across our industry and more than 20 other sectors across the economy. The programme — recruiting annually — provides world-class training and development in addition to facilitating paid work experience.

#10000BLACKINTERNS applications
One of ICG's 2021 summer interns
One of ICG's 2021 summer interns

GAIN – Girls Are INvestors

We are working with GAIN to enhance our summer intern programme.

GAIN’s internship programme is open to female and non-binary students across the UK who aspire to have a career in investment management. For summer 2022, it is partnering with Level 20, offering 140+ internships across more than 85 investment firms.

GAIN 2021 interns
GAIN 2021 interns


SEO (Seizing Every Opportunity) was founded in the United States in 1963 as a mentoring programme dedicated to providing supplemental educational and career support to young people from underserved and underrepresented communities.

As well as offering summer internships at our New York City office, we run company overview events for SEO cohorts, provide mentorship to an SEO fellows, and in the past ICG employees have taken part in a private equity simulation programme run by the organisation.

SEO Scholars
SEO Scholars


We work with BUCS — the national governing body for sport within higher education in the UK — as its Women’s Hockey Programme headline partner.

BUCS’ vision is to create the best university sport experience in the world.

Our partnership is centred on ‘working together to deliver performance’ – a common value between both organisations and we are delighted to be supporting the next generation of female leaders.

University hockey championship winners
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