Earning, learning and feeling safe after dark

Our partnership with poverty and climate charity SolarAid

SolarAid facts

  • 2.1 million lights distributed
  • 11 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa reached by clean, safe, affordable light
  • 22 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions averted from the atmosphere

In September 2020, ICG donated tens of thousands of UK pounds to SolarAid – a charity focused on clean, safe and affordable energy throughout sub-Saharan Africa. Our SolarAid partnership supports the Solar Powering Healthcare project in Malawi and through our donation, the non-profit was able to equip 20 rural health centres with solar systems and solar-powered medical appliances.

Today, 12,000 people per month in Malawi are receiving vastly improved healthcare as a direct result of ICG’s contribution.

Together we will end the darkness

The installation of solar-powered technology impacts both educational attainment and entrepreneurship in the communities in which SolarAid is active. Additionally, clean energy helps to reduce community reliance on kerosene lamps which have a negative impact on the climate and personal health.

Members of the ICG corporate social responsibility committee met recently with John Keane, CEO of SolarAid, and Jonathan Andrews, its Head of Corporate Partnerships, to hear an update on the great work the organisation is doing and how to continue our partnership moving forward.

No home, school or clinic left in the dark

Andy Lewis and John Keane

SolarAid presented our Global Head of Legal & Compliance Andy Lewis with photo of Diana, the last baby born into darkness in Mtimabii clinic in Malawi. The rural health centre recently benefited from one of ICG’s solar systems.

ICG is continuing its partnership with further funding this year, assisting with SolarAid’s mission to provide 548 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa with clean, safe and affordable energy by 2030.

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