Financial highlights

Five years of full year data for ICG.

Third-party AUM activity for the period

Third-party AUM at period end$77.0bn$68.5bn$56.2bn$47.2bn$38.7bn
Third-party fee-earning AUM at period end$62.8bn$58.3bn$46.7bn$39.6bn$33.2bn
Third-party AUM fundraising during period$10.2bn$22.5bn$10.6bn$11.3bn$11.2bn
Third-party AUM realisations during period$5.3bn$6.4bn$4.6bn$1.8bn$3.5bn
Third-party AUM deployed during period 1$10.5bn$15bn$7.2bn$6.2bn$6.2bn
1. For Direct investment funds.
ICG’s financial or full year (FY) ends 31 March.

Financial results

Third-party fee income£501.0 m£448.7m£334m£278m£220m
Fund Management Company profit before tax£310.7m£286.2m£202m£183m£144m
Investment Company profit/(loss) before tax£(52.6)m£282.6m£305m£(72)m£135m
Group profit before tax£258.1m£568.8£508m£111m£278m
Group earnings per share80.3p187.6p162.3p38.3p94.9p
Dividend per share77.5p76.0p56.0p50.8p45.0p
Balance sheet investment portfolio£2,902m£2,821.7£2,556m£2,209m£2,256m
Net asset value per share694p696p566p461p491p
Net gearing0.50x0.45x0.63x0.74x0.86x
ICG’s financial or full year (FY) ends 31 March.

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