People strategy

How we operate matters as much as what we do.

We are a long‐term business that generates value over the cycles for clients, portfolio companies and shareholders, and seeks to have a positive impact on our broad range of constituents: our employees, our industry and the communities in which we operate.

Hiring great people, helping them thrive and strong governance are how we do this.

In an organisation that has nearly doubled its assets under management (AUM) in the four years to 2024, a relentless focus on our people and culture is a commercial imperative.

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Our people strategy explained

We have exceptional people who are thriving at ICG. This gives us an excellent foundation for success and impact as individuals and as an organisation.

In hiring, we remain targeted, ambitious and strategic. And we continue to focus on developing all of our people in a culture of inclusion, innovation and ambition.

This culture is a source of great pride, as well as a key driver of performance.

Our culture and values
Co-workers meeting in ICG's Manhattan office

Watch a segment from our Sustainability and People Shareholder Seminar

How we attract, retain and develop our people

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Attracting people

  • High level of personal impact and business building

  • Wide-ranging opportunities for career development

  • Inclusive culture at the core and throughout the firm
  • People & careers



    Retaining people

  • Comprehensive career opportunities

  • Engagement and opportunity to contribute across the firm

  • Exceptional focus on inclusion and wellbeing supporting long‐term, sustainable careers at ICG
  • Development and engagement



    Developing our people

  • Dedicated learning and development programmes at all levels

  • Mentoring and employee networks

  • Developing others as a core dimension of what we consider success – we only succeed as individuals if we make others successful too
  • Development and engagement

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