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Creating sustainable value by partnering with ambitious businesses

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Generating a positive impact

We are creating sustainable value by partnering with ambitious businesses.

We develop long‐term resilient relationships with our partners to deliver value for clients, shareholders and employees, and use our position of influence to positively impact the environment and society.

Our resilient business model delivers long-term stakeholder and societal value.

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The ICG business model - how we generate value

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Grow AUM

Grow AUM

Grow assets under management (AUM)

  • Raise and manage third party assets, largely in closed-ended funds

  • Earn management fees on committed or invested AUM
  • Explore our strategies




  • Identify and secure attractive investment opportunities

  • Earn performance fees if certain hurdle rates are met
  • Explore our strategies

    Manage and realise

    Manage and realise

    Manage and realise

  • Work with management teams in our investments to drive strategic change

  • Successfully realising investments crystallises returns for clients and shareholders
  • Explore our strategies

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