ICG’s Partnership with ThinkForward wins award

At the Lord Mayor of London Dragon Awards the programme was awarded the inaugural Sir Martyn Lewis Award, recognising the significant impact the partnership between ICG and ThinkForward makes on the lives of young people in East London.

We have partnered with young people’s charity ThinkForward since 2013, helping them with the vital work they do to improve the outcomes for young people between 13 and 18 who are at high risk of being not in education, employment or training (NEET).

We support ThinkForward in a number of ways, the most impactful of which is the time a team of volunteers from ICG’s London office give each month to work with some very challenging young people, encouraging them to develop their skills and become more well-rounded individuals. Several mentors have also hosted mentees for short work experience placements. By acting as positive role models, our mentors have provided the guidance and support these young people are sadly often very short of elsewhere in their lives. This makes a real difference – over four years, our mentees are four and a half times more likely to achieve a Level 2 qualification than the average pupil in alternative provision.

In addition to mentoring, we also finance a specialist coach in the London East Alternative Provision unit, a school for young people who have already been excluded from at least one (and sometimes several) other schools and; help ThinkForward develop their operations.

Some 45 ICG employees have contributed to these efforts over the years, and it is fantastic their hard work has now been recognised. The Dragon Awards, launched in 1987, recognise companies that demonstrate excellence in their approach to responsible business. The accolade received by ThinkForward and ICG is a new award named in recognition of the British broadcaster and charity patron Sir Martyn Lewis who is retiring from the Dragon Awards after serving as Chair of the judging panel since their launch. The award assesses all the nominees across eight categories and recognises the one most aligned to the overall ethos of the Dragon Awards.