5 reasons why sustainability & people are key to ICG’s success

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Given our DNA and business model, sustainability and people have been key focus areas and a big part of ICG's success

It is essential for us to keep getting sustainability and people right. This underpins our growth prospects.

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is a broad topic for ICG, explored in depth in a dedicated section on our website. However, I believe our work can be distilled into these five key areas:

1. Long-time focus

Sustainability and people are not new to ICG. These areas have been a focus for us for many years and we aspire to lead our industry in these fields.

2. Our growth

Sustainability is not a nice to have.

Getting it right is integral to our success and our growth strategy. We:

3. Inclusion as a cornerstone of our success

We are a people business.

The critical importance of people is self-evident. The key focus is on fostering an inclusive culture and enhancing our recruitment and development of diverse talent to support our focus on innovation and performance. Inclusive leadership is not optional – it is a formal, key performance area for our board, our executive and management committees, and all our teams.

4. Our commitment to net zero

We have made an ambitious net zero commitment backed by science-based targets, one of only a handful of alternative asset managers globally to have done so.

This puts us squarely at the forefront in our industry.

More broadly, we take very seriously our role in helping steer our industry in the right direction.

5. Future proofing

Strategically, responsible investing helps us future-proof our business as well as create a positive impact for all our stakeholders.


Benoît Durteste and colleagues expanded on these key messages during a January 2022 shareholder seminar:

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