Be leader-ful, not leader-less

Michelle Moore speaks at UNIFY event
Three key takeaways on personal leadership in the pursuit of workplace inclusivity and equity from Michelle Moore’s speech at ICG’s UNIFY network launch

Michelle Moore, award-winning leadership coach, author, speaker and educator, joined our employee-led network, UNIFY, for its 2022 launch event. The evening covered themes including resilience, overcoming adversity, and redefining success.

Michelle inspired the audience to discover and exercise their own leadership potential in order to create a more equitable and inclusive workplace.

Key takeaways

1. Take initiative and be proactive

“What we really need to do is move beyond being non-racist and be anti-racist, because that’s what’s going to create greater equity and outcomes in terms of racial injustice.”

2. It’s individuals that create change

“We all need to find the role that we play in the pursuit of equity and social justice, so that we become leader-ful, and not leader-less. Because, as much as we like to think that the policies, and the procedure, and the bureaucracy that we create will create the change, it’s the behaviour by individuals that will create the change.”

3. You’re more powerful than you may think

“We are all disproportionately powerful, even if we don’t realise it: each one of us is a giant to somebody.”

Go deeper

  • UNIFY aims to promote an inclusive workspace that acknowledges and respects our diverse cultural heritage, and within which everyone can excel as their authentic self. Explore Diversity & Inclusion at ICG
  • Over the month of October, ICG and the UNIFY network are celebrating Black History Month UK 2022. To mark this, we have changed our logo on social media platforms LinkedIn and Twitter
  • For more information on this year’s awareness theme, Time for Change: Action not Words, visit Black History Month UK