Our annual ESG survey illustrates strong ESG performance

We recognise the opportunity that we have to engage with our Corporate portfolio companies to drive sustainability performance and encourage best practice.

We acknowledge that every portfolio company is different and take the time to understand their environmental, social and governance (ESG) approach, so that we can support them in achieving their sustainability ambitions.

We engage with management teams on specific sustainability topics, and use these to build lasting value across the portfolio.

We have been conducting our Annual ESG survey since 2015, seeking to engage with our portfolio companies and understand the ways in which they are managing ESG issues. Our Annual ESG survey includes questions on risk assessment and management, governance, environmental management, climate change, and social performance.

Case study

European Corporate and Asia Pacific Corporate portfolio companies

Corporate strategies ESG survey highlights

  • 36 portfolio companies across the European and Asia Pacific Corporate portfolio were surveyed in 2021 (32 in 2020)
  • 100% response rate in both years’ surveys
  • Highlights of the results are included below


47% (2020: 41%) have at least one female director on the board

64% (2020: 48%) have initiatives or targets to improve diversity

Climate change

61% (2020: 42%) have assigned Board or management responsibility for climate change

67% (2020: 55%) have set climate change or energy related objectives and targets

58% (2020: 39%) have assessed the business risks and opportunities associated with climate change

61% (2020: 32%) assess their carbon


100% (2020: 87%) have ESG responsibility assigned

81% (2020: 77%) have ESG KPIs and targets set