Embedding responsible investing

Head of Responsible Investing writes in Sustainability & People Report 2021

As a member of the financial services industry, we are in a position of privilege and responsibility and it is our duty as a company to ensure that our investing activity is geared towards a more sustainable future.

ICG has had a long-standing commitment to Responsible Investing, and has made strong progress over the past year.

I am proud of our continued focus on climate action, not only in being one of the first alternative asset managers to commit to net zero by 2040 and set an approved SBT, but also in supporting others to do the same.

Collaboration is key to tackling the climate challenge, and ICG continue to explore ways to decarbonise our investment portfolios credibly and transparently – and respond effectively to climate related regulations. Most significantly, ICG is among the first alternative asset managers to commit to net zero by 2040 and have an interim 2030 target approved and validated by the SBTi.

We have continued to drive engagement with our portfolio companies on ESG matters and expand on the areas we seek to address. ICG’s new enhanced ESG framework has an increased focus and commitment on climate action, human capital management and diversity and inclusion. The latest fund in our European Corporate strategy, Fund VIII, has been the first to adopt the framework.

The Group is also focused on developing innovative and sustainable investment opportunities for our clients. Our third sustainably-themed product, Real Estate Debt VI, focuses on financially incentivising borrowers to improve the sustainability of mid-market commercial real estate. Our Green Loan Framework provides an innovative approach to green financing, focusing on energy and water efficiency, waste management and sustainable travel.

Looking ahead, we will focus on improved reporting and accountability to drive performance. From next year, we intend to include in our reporting an ESG rating and fund level carbon footprint metrics, in line with the TCFD recommendations. We are also implementing a dedicated ESG data management system across the firm to streamline our data collection and reporting and enable targeted engagement with portfolio companies and in launching new funds and strategies.

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